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Hi there! It’s Katie with you. Hitherto there existed no secrets between me and my readers, so, let us keep the traditions go on. With the full transparency of my activity and the blog, I disclose that my texts and articles may include some affiliated links. Once you use these links to make purchases, I will get a small commission to keep the blog, and not a casino product. You definitely know that the target of the site is to introduce you the world of online gambling as it is. You can find here multiple reviews of virtual casinos, their games, news, and more.

Checking my write-ups, you can notice that there are also video surveys, proving that each brand is checked by me personally. Whether this is an investigation of mobile version, casino bonuses, online houses or gambling news, each link promoted is examined and given a high value mark. You can view the offered products or services, visit their sites, and decide if you want to make a payment or not. Everything depends on you, herewith, you don’t have to pay anything more than stated, but we will earn some commission for our work.

Please, mind that in exchange for the links and mentioned sites, I receive no free products, casino services or anything else, except for the affiliate commissions.

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