Another CGC is on the way and, this time, Ukraine will be the host country. This year’s conference will focus on gaming and the relation of this industry to various technologies – blockchain in particular.

Taking place in the corporate area of the IT-focused city of Kyiv, this event will gather approximately 1500 visitors. In addition, there will be about a hundred speakers coming from every corner of the planet.

The 4th CGC edition will last for exactly two days. It will commence on Thursday, October 10 and end up the day after, on Friday, October 11. Attendees will be able to participate in an innovation supershow as a part of this edition, which is considered one of the pivotal events in the entertainment industry.

The participants will be able to promote their respective brands and services, partake in the honors ceremony, search for potential partners and investors, or enjoy networking with notable people from the industry. All those who consider tech solutions based on blockchain, AI, or VR/AR their passion will have an opportunity to discuss some of the latest innovations and breakthroughs.

Moreover, representatives of the leading companies that operate in the sphere of digital gaming will be in the expo and showcase zone, where they will present their newest initiatives.

The entire event is actually divided into several sections, including CGC Pitch, Awards, Showcase, PINE, and networking sessions.

CGC conference

CGC Pitch

All prominent startups will have a chance to showcase their ideas to venture capitalists and angel investors, who are willing to support gaming projects. The investors will pay special attention to the ideas that incorporate some of the disruptive technologies that the conference covers. This section was first introduced in the 2018 event which took place in Minsk.

CGC Awards

All gaming projects that are powered by emerging technologies are free to apply for the awards program which celebrates innovation and dedication among game creators. The best ones will have an opportunity to win a valuable recognition for their effort.

CGC Showcase

Approximately a hundred indie game creators will have a unique opportunity to receive feedback from the conference visitors, create partnerships, and improve their product by displaying their game at the showcase.


The conference has always been home to some of the most successful collaboration events, which include various meetups, parties and more. CGC 2019 will also offer an exclusive trip, which involves visiting the area around Chernobyl, including the ghost town of Pripyat, which was once in the middle of a nuclear catastrophe that befell Ukraine in the 80s. The number of tickets is limited.

People who are particularly interested in collaboration can download a free app called PINE. It can help them find the right people and arrange a meeting with them during the conference.  The app contains an attendee list and can help you schedule your activities while you are in Kyiv.

About CGC

The first CGC edition took place last year and there have been three successful ones since then, attracting more than 2000 visitors. They were a fertile ground for creating new business opportunities and forging fruitful collaborations, some of which contributed to pushing the gaming industry forward.

The conference is considered a pioneer in gathering professionals, who are interested not only in blockchain but also in VR/AR and related technologies. It is not only designed to be a networking platform, but also a global knowledge hub, as well as a sort of marketplace for exchanging products, services, and ideas. Its main goal is to reshape the gaming industry by promoting disruptive technologies.