Did Ladbrokes place a bet on the wrong horse? It seems like Jim Mullen fall short of entrusted expectations on him. When the company decided to replace Richard Glynn, it was probably hopeful of success. Do you remember us informing you about Ladbrokes Big Changes?

Waiting On Good Results? Not Even Close! At least facts speak for themselves. The group outcome came down from £18.4 million to £14.3million in comparison with the same period in the last year. We would like to mention that Richard Glynn was the CEO at the time. But let us not be hasty in generalization and sift a question to the bottom.

Sports Betting at Ladbrokes

What’s Next?

Whom do you blame? Maybe you can even bet on it? But we can hardly find the guilty person in such big company as Ladbrokes. It pins accusations onto unregulated digital markets and their withdrawals.

Chief executive Jim Mullen gives a comment on it. He offers to take steps to to straight things out. Reconsider the way the system works and change it to the good. And High Time!

It’s about Timing

Do you wonder what is turned out? Things can’t be all that bad. And there are branches that run in a prosperous groove. The bookmaker’s Ladbrokes Australia, for example, becomes one of the first betting operators to launch an app on the new Apple Watch which can be used for entertaining.

Yep, you can avail of it for sports betting on the go. You would need a reliable Internet to take advantage of it. As for the rest, your experience would depend on your luck or proficiency in sports.